Commit 28a9e91b authored by Christophe Fergeau's avatar Christophe Fergeau

Fix regression in qsort_r BSD detection

We can use AC_CHECK_FUNCS to detect if qsort_r is available on
the system or not since it will unconditionnally define
HAVE_QSORT_R, which we don't want since on BSD, qsort_r isn't usable
for us, so we don't want to have HAVE_QSORT_R defined on such platforms.
By using AC_CHECK_FUNC instead, we can defer defining HAVE_QSORT_R until
we have actually tested it's usable.
parent 73905434
......@@ -579,7 +579,12 @@ AC_HEADER_STDC
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(mmap posix_memalign memalign valloc fsync pipe2)
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(atexit on_exit timegm gmtime_r qsort_r)
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(atexit on_exit timegm gmtime_r)
dnl don't use AC_CHECK_FUNCS here, otherwise HAVE_QSORT_R will
dnl be automatically defined, which we don't want to do
dnl until we have checked this function is actually usable
# BSD has a qsort_r with wrong argument order
if test x$ac_cv_func_qsort_r = xyes ; then
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