Commit 1874ad97 authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters

gspawn: Reset signal handlers for synchronous spawning

We should by default reset signal handlers; particularly with the
ability to install them via g_unix_signal_source_new(), we don't
want to call a user callback inside a fork()ed helper process.
parent b9c67b43
......@@ -1238,6 +1238,12 @@ fork_exec_with_pipes (gboolean intermediate_child,
/* Immediate child. This may or may not be the child that
* actually execs the new process.
/* Reset some signal handlers that we may use */
signal (SIGCHLD, SIG_DFL);
signal (SIGINT, SIG_DFL);
signal (SIGTERM, SIG_DFL);
signal (SIGHUP, SIG_DFL);
/* Be sure we crash if the parent exits
* and we write to the err_report_pipe
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