Commit 181d1c30 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera Committed by Philip Withnall

GNetworkMonitor: Rename "network-changed" signal argument

Because the argument being called "available" and the property being
called "network-available" is confusing.

Also remove the details of what that value means, as it's already
described in the property, and duplicating the explanation makes it look
like it might have a different meaning.
parent c4ad10fe
......@@ -309,13 +309,9 @@ g_network_monitor_default_init (GNetworkMonitorInterface *iface)
* GNetworkMonitor::network-changed:
* @monitor: a #GNetworkMonitor
* @available: the current value of #GNetworkMonitor:network-available
* @network_available: the current value of #GNetworkMonitor:network-available
* Emitted when the network configuration changes. If @available is
* %TRUE, then some hosts may be reachable that were not reachable
* before, while others that were reachable before may no longer be
* reachable. If @available is %FALSE, then no remote hosts are
* reachable.
* Emitted when the network configuration changes.
* Since: 2.32
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ struct _GNetworkMonitorInterface {
GTypeInterface g_iface;
void (*network_changed) (GNetworkMonitor *monitor,
gboolean available);
gboolean network_available);
gboolean (*can_reach) (GNetworkMonitor *monitor,
GSocketConnectable *connectable,
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