Commit 168bdb11 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall

Merge branch 'hash-me-faster' into 'master'

hash: Remove an assertion from the hot path

See merge request !1161
parents b50447b0 1fb3628f
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......@@ -463,13 +463,6 @@ g_hash_table_lookup_node (GHashTable *hash_table,
gboolean have_tombstone = FALSE;
guint step = 0;
/* If this happens, then the application is probably doing too much work
* from a destroy notifier. The alternative would be to crash any second
* (as keys, etc. will be NULL).
* Applications need to either use g_hash_table_destroy, or ensure the hash
* table is empty prior to removing the last reference using g_hash_table_unref(). */
g_assert (!g_atomic_ref_count_compare (&hash_table->ref_count, 0));
hash_value = hash_table->hash_func (key);
if (G_UNLIKELY (!HASH_IS_REAL (hash_value)))
hash_value = 2;
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