Commit 1435db48 authored by Martin Pitt's avatar Martin Pitt Committed by Matthias Clasen

Clarify g_spawn_*() behaviour without full path

Document the previously uncovered case of calling g_spawn_async_with_pipes()
without a full path but no G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH. This runs programs from the
current directory, which might be unexpected and even dangerous in some corner
parent 8ff94df6
......@@ -482,6 +482,10 @@ g_spawn_sync (const gchar *working_directory,
* course the name of the program to execute. By default, the name of
* the program must be a full path; the <envar>PATH</envar> shell variable
* will only be searched if you pass the %G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH flag.
* If the program name is not a full path and %G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH flag is not
* used, then the program will be run from the current directory (or
* %working_directory, if specified); this might be unexpected or even
* dangerous in some cases when the current directory is world-writable.
* On Windows, note that all the string or string vector arguments to
* this function and the other g_spawn*() functions are in UTF-8, the
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