Commit 1361ec78 authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

GSettings: keep resets on loss of writability

Don't drop resets from a GDelayedSettingsBackend when the writability
changes.  Resets will always succeed, even against non-writable keys and
some people (gnome-screensaver) are using them in a way that they would
want them not to be forgotten.
parent a38c97af
......@@ -315,11 +315,16 @@ delayed_backend_writable_changed (GObject *target,
g_static_mutex_lock (&delayed->priv->lock);
if (g_tree_lookup (delayed->priv->delayed, key) &&
if (g_tree_lookup (delayed->priv->delayed, key) != NULL &&
!g_settings_backend_get_writable (delayed->priv->backend, key))
/* drop the key from our changeset if it just became read-only.
* no need to signal since the writable change below implies it.
* note that the item in the tree may very well be set to NULL in
* the case that the user stored a reset. we intentionally don't
* drop the key in this case since a reset will always succeed
* (even against a non-writable key).
g_tree_remove (delayed->priv->delayed, key);
......@@ -378,9 +383,12 @@ delayed_backend_path_writable_changed (GObject *target,
/* collect a list of possibly-affected keys (ie: matching the path) */
g_tree_foreach (delayed->priv->delayed, check_prefix, &state);
/* drop the keys that have been affected */
/* drop the keys that have been affected.
* don't drop 'reset' keys (see above) */
for (i = 0; i < state.index; i++)
if (!g_settings_backend_get_writable (delayed->priv->backend,
if (g_tree_lookup (delayed->priv->delayed, state.keys[i]) != NULL &&
!g_settings_backend_get_writable (delayed->priv->backend,
g_tree_remove (delayed->priv->delayed, state.keys[i]);
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