Commit 11233f57 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie Committed by Philip Withnall

gdbusdaemon: Only authorize anonymous users on Windows, not Unix

On Unix, we expect EXTERNAL authentication to work.
Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <>
parent a5923d4e
......@@ -1539,7 +1539,7 @@ on_authorize_authenticated_peer (GDBusAuthObserver *observer,
GCredentials *credentials,
gpointer user_data)
gboolean authorized = TRUE;
gboolean authorized = FALSE;
if (credentials != NULL)
......@@ -1549,6 +1549,14 @@ on_authorize_authenticated_peer (GDBusAuthObserver *observer,
authorized = g_credentials_is_same_user (credentials, own_credentials, NULL);
g_object_unref (own_credentials);
#ifdef G_OS_WIN32
/* We allow ANONYMOUS authentication on Windows for now, in
* combination with the nonce-tcp transport. */
authorized = TRUE;
return authorized;
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