Commit 021e116f authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre

gbacktrace: g_get_prgname () isn't called for a NULL argument
parent a44404f4
......@@ -214,13 +214,13 @@ g_on_error_query (const gchar *prg_name)
* g_on_error_stack_trace:
* @prg_name: the program name, needed by <command>gdb</command>
* for the [S]tack trace option. If @prg_name is %NULL, g_get_prgname()
* is called to get the program name (which will work correctly if
* gdk_init() or gtk_init() has been called)
* for the [S]tack trace option.
* Invokes <command>gdb</command>, which attaches to the current
* process and shows a stack trace. Called by g_on_error_query()
* when the [S]tack trace option is selected.
* when the [S]tack trace option is selected. You can get the current
* process's "program name" with g_get_prgname(), assuming that you
* have called gtk_init() or gdk_init().
* This function may cause different actions on non-UNIX platforms.
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