Commit 01bfa169 authored by Edward E.'s avatar Edward E. Committed by LRN

W32: pass correct (with offset) argc to protect_wargv
parent ee4c618f
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ main (int ignored_argc, char **ignored_argv)
/* For the program name passed to spawnv(), don't use the quoted
* version.
protect_wargv (argc, wargv + argv_zero_offset, &new_wargv);
protect_wargv (argc - argv_zero_offset, wargv + argv_zero_offset, &new_wargv);
if (argv[ARG_USE_PATH][0] == 'y')
handle = _wspawnvp (mode, wargv[ARG_PROGRAM], (const wchar_t **) new_wargv);
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