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    Skip g_subprocess_launcher_set_child_setup() in introspection · e5db8ec7
    Mikhail Zabaluev authored
    It's not likely that the runtime of a bound language using the
    introspection supports running in a process forked by a foreign
    library, so that a closure programmed in that language would work
    Any programming environment supporting that would probably have
    its own advanced facilities for process spawning, or be able
    to access the GLib spawning APIs via raw C bindings (still
    represented in the introspection, (skip) only adds a flag)
    and do any low-level preparatory dances as necessary for the
    forked runtime.
    Note that there are other APIs making use of GSpawnChildSetupFunc,
    but they are usable with the closure nullified, and we cannot annotate
    the closure parameters away because that would break the annotated API
    for bindings; accordingly to bug #738176 comment #3, the current bindings'
    users are expected to pass null.
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