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    gio: icons should fallback to non-preferred style appropriately. · e0f2671a
    Jehan authored
    Whatever the preferred icon style is (symbolic, regular or the requested
    style), fallbacking to the other style in case of absent variant is
    better than not finding any icon at all.
    Also style fallbacking should be managed separately from property
    "use-default-fallbacks". Default fallbacks are meant for the process of
    getting up in context levels (as separated by dashes in icon name). Even
    though it also uses dash characters in format, this is a different
    concept as the variant of styles.
    Without this commit for instance, if an icon only had a symbolic
    variant, and the theme had "-gtk-icon-style" set to "regular" while your
    GTK+ application requested the regular icon name, you were getting no
    icons, and the application would look completely broken.
    Now one would at least fallback to the symbolic icon as last resort
    (which is infinitely better than having no icons).
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