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    installed tests: Allow tests to set environment variables · 07a1a803
    Iain Lane authored
    It's necessary sometimes for installed tests to be able to run with a
    custom environment. For example, the gsocketclient-slow test requires an
    LD_PRELOADed library to provide a slow connect() (this is to be added in
    a followup commit).
    Introduce a variable `@env@` into the installed test template, which we
    can override as necessary when generating `.test` files, to run tests
    prefixed with `/usr/bin/env <LIST OF VARIABLES>`.
    As the only test that requires this currently lives in `gio/tests/`, we
    are only hooking this up for that directory right now. If other tests in
    future require this treatment, then the support can be extended at that
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