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    gspawn, tests: extend spawn_test, run it on win32 · 50cb4f22
    Vasily Galkin authored
    The spawn_test is enabled on win32 meson build, both msys and msvc.
    Some modifications to make it useful for auto-testing on win32:
    - use own argv0 to find helper win32-specific subprogram
    - helper subprogram and conditions changed, so testing is fully
    automated instead of manually checking contents of some MessageBoxes
    Redirection test checks "sort" output for locale-independent string
    instead of relying on "netstat" locale-dependent string.
    Also with "sort" it become usable on unix, so enabled there too.
    Currently this fails on win32 with coverage since
    some coverage-realted error output from gpawn-win32-helper
    is unexpectedly treated as executed subprocess output.
    Added test checking "sort" with error-only redirection. This also fails
    on win32 by now, due to a typo in gspawn-win32.c (checks for stdout
    redirection instead of stderr)
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