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    Modified Files: glib/ChangeLog glib/glib.def glib/glib/giochannel.c · e070fdea
    Ron Steinke authored
         Modified Files:
     	glib/ChangeLog glib/glib.def glib/glib/giochannel.c
     	glib/glib/giochannel.h glib/glib/giounix.c
     	glib/tests/iochannel-test.c glib/tests/unicode-collate.c
         Added Files:
            * glib/giochannel.c: API changes, fixes to
            error handling, some internal restructuring
            * glib/giochannel.h: API changes, documentation for
            elements in GIOChannel structure
            * glib/giounix.c: Matched API changes, implemented
            backend to set is_readable, is_writeable, is_seekable
            flags, added a test to catch large values of count
            for which the behavior of write() is undefined
            * glib/giowin32.c: Changed to match new prototypes for
            io_close() and io_seek(), removed references to
            G_IO_STATUS_INTR, set is_seekable flag in channel
            creation functions
            * glib.def: Renamed g_channel_error_quark() and
            g_channel_error_from_errno() to g_io_channel_error_quark() and
            g_io_channel_error_from_errno(); added new functions
            g_io_channel_get_buffered() and g_io_channel_set_buffered()
            * docs/reference/glib/glib-sections.txt: Modified iochannel
            section to reflect new functions and API changes
            * tests/iochannel-test.c: Fixed to work with API changes
            * tests/iochannel-test-infile: New file; input file
            for iochannel-test
            * tests/unicode-collate.c tests/unicode-normalize.c:
            Changed G_IO_FILE_MODE_READ to "r" to match API change
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