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    xdgmime: Fix an invalid read · be7f4018
    Kalev Lember authored
    This commit factors out a function for comparing string suffixes, and at
    the same time makes it safe for mime types that are shorter than the
    "/*" suffix.
    ==25418== Invalid read of size 1
    ==25418==    at 0x3C6D0F9D22: __gio_xdg_cache_mime_type_subclass (xdgmimecache.c:848)
    ==25418==    by 0x3C6D09ED8C: g_content_type_is_a (gcontenttype.c:158)
    ==25418==    by 0x34D8031E95: gtk_recent_filter_filter (gtkrecentfilter.c:733)
    ==25418==    by 0x34D802F167: _gtk_recent_chooser_get_items (gtkrecentchooserutils.c:387)
    ==25418==    by 0x34D802D07F: idle_populate_func (gtkrecentchoosermenu.c:1011)
    ==25418==    by 0x34D7A20477: gdk_threads_dispatch (gdk.c:804)
    ==25418==    by 0x3C6C0492F5: g_main_context_dispatch (gmain.c:3065)
    ==25418==    by 0x3C6C049677: g_main_context_iterate.isra.23 (gmain.c:3712)
    ==25418==    by 0x3C6C04972B: g_main_context_iteration (gmain.c:3773)
    ==25418==    by 0x34D7FC2AF4: gtk_main_iteration (gtkmain.c:1262)
    ==25418==    by 0x408EB4: main (in /usr/bin/glade)
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