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    GBytes: A new type for an immutable set of bytes. · fcc69fd3
    Stef Walter authored
     * Represents an immutable reference counted block of memory.
     * This is basically the internal glib GBuffer structure exposed,
       renamed, and with some additional capabilities.
     * The GBytes name comes from python3's immutable 'bytes' type
     * GBytes can be safely used as keys in hash tables, and have
       functions for doing so: g_bytes_hash, g_bytes_equal
     * GByteArray is a mutable form of GBytes, and vice versa. There
       are functions for converting from one to the other efficiently:
       g_bytes_unref_to_array() and g_byte_array_free_to_bytes()
     * Adds g_byte_array_new_take() to support above functions
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