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    gunixmounts: Mark mounts as system internal instead of filtering out · 983a95c9
    Ondrej Holy authored
    mntent-based implementation filter out mounts with device path that was
    repeated. Consequently, it is not possible to show such mounts in UI even
    with x-gvfs-show, because they are not returned from g_unix_mounts_get.
    libmount-based implementation currently doesn't filter out any mounts
    which causes issues to our volume monitors. Let's rather mark mounts
    which don't point into fs root as system_internal. This approach won't be
    affected by mount order as is mntent-based implementation. It will mark
    more mounts as system_internal than it is filtered out with mntend-based
    implementation, but there will be always possibility to show them in UI
    over x-gvfs-show, which was not possible with mntend-based. We can
    probably introduce some improvements later to not mark unique mounts as
    system internal even if they don't point into fs root...
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