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    Fixes for #101264 and #99372: · 8e91cf9e
    Sebastian Wilhelmi authored
    2003-02-14  Sebastian Wilhelmi  <seppi@seppi.de>
    	Fixes for #101264 and #99372:
    	* glib/gconvert.h, glib/gmain.c, glib/gmem.c, glib/gmessages.c,
    	glib/grand.c: Include gthreadinit.h and rename the thread
    	initialization functions a bit and let them start with _, so that
    	later we can stop exporting them.
    	* glib/gmem.c, glib/gmessages.c: Move the g_private_new() calls to
    	new functions. They have to be called after setting
    	g_threads_got_initialized to TRUE (see #101264).
    	* glib/gthread.c: Include gthreadinit.h. Renamed g_mutex_init() to
    	g_thread_init_glib(). Call the thread initialization functions
    	(which are not allowed to call g_private_new), then set
    	g_threads_got_initialized to TRUE, then call the other thread
    	initialization functions (which must not call anything but
    	* glib/gthreadinit.h: New private header to cleanly declare all
    	thread initialization functions.
    	* gthread/gthread-impl.c: Include gthreadinit.h. In
    	g_thread_init() just call g_thread_init_glib(), which in turn calls the
    	other functions (see #99372).
    	* glib/Makefile.am: Added gthreadinit.h.
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