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    Require C90 compliance · 6e4a7fca
    Dan Winship authored
    Assume all supported platforms implement C90, and therefore they
    (correctly) implement atexit(), memmove(), setlocale(), strerror(),
    and vprintf(), and have <float.h> and <limits.h>.
    (Also remove the configure check testing that "do ... while (0)" works
    correctly; the non-do/while-based version of G_STMT_START and
    G_STMT_END was removed years ago, but the check remained. Also, remove
    some checks that configure.ac claimed were needed for libcharset, but
    aren't actually used.)
    Note that removing the g_memmove() function is not an ABI break even
    on systems where g_memmove() was previously not a macro, because it
    was never marked GLIB_AVAILABLE_IN_ALL or listed in glib.symbols, so
    it would have been glib-internal since 2004.
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