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    gtlsbackend: add support for setting the default TLS database · b84951eb
    Matthew Waters authored
    There are many cases where a default TLS database is not able to be
    defined within the constraints of a system.  For example glib-networking
    (or glib-openssl) cannot retrieve the default certificate store on iOS
    or Android and need to be initialized from a cert file of certificates
    bundled with the application.
    Previously GStreamer was relying on a custom patch to glib-networking to
    populate the default database from the file pointed to by the
    CA_CERTIFICATES environment variable however the mechanism that enabled
    this was recently remove from glib-networking.
    Adding a more generic g_tls_backend_set_default_database() API allows
    application developers to override the default database using their own
    certificates as well as allowing equivalent functionality on Android/iOS
    (or others) as on the default database handling Linux.
    Fixes glib-networking#35
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