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    Enable GIO tests on Windows · ad3694b8
    LRN authored
    1) Remove the non-Windows-only condition for subdir('tests').
    2) Add libiphlpapi, libws2_32 and libsecur32 deps, needed for W32 tests.
    3) Remove the -no-undefined argument (gcc doesn't understand it,
       it *does* understand -Wl,-no-undefined; either way, the test
       compiles without this argument just fine; maybe meson adds it
       by itself - you can hardly build shared modules without it).
    4) Add or fix a number of includes
    5) Disable gdbus-objectmanager tests when building with MSVC
       (right now these tests don't work on Windows anyway, so the fact
        that MSVC can't even build them properly is irrelevant;
        most likely gdbus-codegen needs changes to put _GLIB_EXTERN
        before each function)
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