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    Bug-790839 GApplication command line --help enhancements · 0e22d19a
    howetuft authored
    In order to enrich information displayed by GApplication command line
    handling when --help is invoked, 3 new methods are proposed:
    . g_application_set_option_context_parameter_string
    . g_application_set_option_context_summary
    . g_application_set_option_context_description
    Those methods interact with the GApplication's internal GOptionContext
    which is created for command line parsing in g_application_parse_command_line.
    (please refer to the GOptionContext class for more information about option
    context, parameter string, summary and description.)
    To illustrate the 3 methods, an example is provided:
    . gapplication-example-cmdline4.c
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