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    Revert "headers: Add various missing G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED guards" · e5ba5845
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    This reverts commit 80fcb1bc.
    G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED should never be used by anybody, least of all by
    GLib. We have deprecation annotations for the compiler, these days, and
    they are much better suited than a macro that makes symbols appear and
    disappear. The fact that gtk-doc doesn't understand the deprecation
    annotations is a limitation of gtk-doc, and it's gtk-doc that ought to be
    Commit 80fcb1bc broke GStreamer, which disables old API that was
    deprecated before the introduction of the deprecation annotations, but
    still uses newly deprecated one, and relies on the deprecation
    annotations to do their thing. It also broke libsoup, as it uses
    GValueArray in its own API.
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