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    W32: eliminate busy cursor when a rundll32-hosted child runs · 74b1dd87
    LRN authored
    Even though GetStartupInfo() in g_win32_run_session_bus() would
    tell us that STARTF_FORCEONFEEDBACK flag is not set, it still
    affects the rundll32 process for some reason.
    This means that Windows WM changes mouse cursor to IDC_APPSTARTING for
    a few seconds when rundll32 runs g_win32_run_session_bus(). Since
    g_win32_run_session_bus() never satisfies the conditions set by
    STARTF_FORCEONFEEDBACK, the busy cursor only goes away after a
    Fix this by explicitly running GetMessage(). To ensure that GetMessage()
    doesn't block, post a quit message immediately before calling it.
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