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    W32: swap special g_get_prgname() for platform_get_argv0() · cf39fbd0
    LRN authored
    Commit 398008da added a W32-only code (from commit 7e0e251a)
    to g_get_prgname() that makes this function never return NULL. This
    is inconsistent with the other platforms. Revert the change, and add an
    implementation for platform_get_argv0(), which is used by GOption when
    g_get_prgname() == NULL.
    The W32 platform_get_argv0() code is different from the one that was in
    g_get_prgname(), because it should be getting argv0, not the name
    of the executable that is being run (although most of the time they are
    one and the same).
    Adjust thest option-argv0 test to expect it to pass on W32.
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