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    glib-private.h: Set the appropriate string for setlocale() · 3e5d1bd6
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    On Windows, in particular the CRTs on and after Visual Studio 2012, it
    is not enough just to do setlocale (LC_ALL, "") to set the default
    system locale, which results in the tools that use the translated
    messages to show unreadable messages when running the commmand line
    This adds an entry in glib-private.h.in which denotes the appropriate
    string to use for setlocale() to set the default system locale by
    setting it to ".ACP" if we are building on Windows and "" for
    other systems (as we are doing now).
    The tools in gio/ will be updated in the next commit to make use of this
    entry so that the translated messages can be shown correctly.
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