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    Several minor ANSI C fixes. · a3fc275d
    Martin Baulig authored
    2000-09-29  Martin Baulig  <baulig@suse.de>
    	Several minor ANSI C fixes.
    	Added missing casts:
    	* gdate.c (g_date_fill_parse_tokens): `s = (guchar *) str'.
    	* gmain.c (g_idle_dispatch): `func = (GSourceFunc) source_data'.
    	(g_idle_add_full): `(gpointer) function' in call to g_source_add().
    	* gstrfuncs.c (g_strdown): `s = (guchar *) string' and
    	`return (gchar *) string'.
    	(g_strup): Likewise.
    	(g_strchug): `start = (guchar*) string' in 1st for() argument;
    	`strlen ((gchar *) start)' in call to g_memmove().
    	* gstring.c (g_string_down): `s = (guchar *) string->str'.
    	(g_string_up): Likewise.
    	* gthreadpool.c (stop_this_thread_marker):
    	`(gpointer) &g_thread_pool_new'.
    	* gunidecomp.h (decomp_table[]): Cast all the strings to
    	`unsigned char *'.
    	Put text following #endif into comments:
    	* gmain.c: here.
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