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    Make 4 incompatible changes to the GAction API · 5ff65d86
    Allison Karlitskaya authored
    This commit represents an API break to GAction in the following ways:
      - the 'set_state' entry in the GActionInterface vtable has been
        renamed to 'change_state'.  The number and order of vtable items has
        not otherwise changed.
      - g_action_set_state() has been renamed to g_action_change_state() to
        match the updated vtable entry.
      - the "state" property of the GAction interface has been changed to
        read-only to reflect the fact that g_action_set_state() no longer
      - GSimpleActionClass has been hidden.  GSimpleAction can no longer be
    >> Rationale
    g_action_set_state() has never been a true setter in the sense that
    calling it will update the value of the "state" property.  It has always
    been closer to "request 'state' to be changed to this value" with
    semantics defined by the implementor of the interface.  This is why the
    equivalent method in GActionGroup had its name changed from 'set' to
    'change'.  This change makes the two interfaces more consistent and
    removes any implication about the effect that calling set_state() should
    have on the 'state' property.
    >> Impact
    This incompatible API break was undertaken only because I strongly
    suspect that it will go entirely unnoticed.  If the break actually
    affects anybody, then we will accommodate them (possibly going as far as
    to revert this commit entirely).
    The virtual table change only impacts implementors of GAction.  I
    strongly suspect that this is nobody (except for GSimpleAction).
    The hiding of GSimpleActionClass only impacts impacts subclasses of
    GSimpleAction.  I strongly suspect that none of these exist.
    The changing of the property to be read-only only affects people who
    were trying to change the state by using GObject properties.  I strongly
    suspect that this is nobody at all.
    The removal of the g_action_set_state() call is the most dangerous, but
    I still suspect that it will impact nobody outside of GLib.  If anybody
    is impacted by this change then, at their request, I will reintroduce
    the API as a deprecated alias for g_action_change_state().
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