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Overview of changes in GLib 2.66.5

  • Fix some issues with handling over-long (invalid) input when parsing for GDate (!1824)

  • Don’t load GIO modules or parse other GIO environment variables when AT_SECURE is set (i.e. in a setuid/setgid/setcap process). GIO has always been documented as not being safe to use in privileged processes, but people persist in using it unsafely, so these changes should harden things against potential attacks at least a little. Unfortunately they break a couple of projects which were relying on reading DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS, so GIO continues to read that for setgid/setcap (but not setuid) processes. This loophole will be closed in GLib 2.70 (see issue #2316), which should give modules 6 months to change their behaviour. (Work by Simon McVittie and Philip Withnall) (#2168, #2305)

  • Fix g_spawn() searching PATH when it wasn’t meant to (work by Simon McVittie and Thomas Haller) (!1913)

  • Bugs fixed:

    • #2168 giomodule: Loads GIO modules even if setuid, etc.
    • #2210 g_private_replace ordering issue
    • #2305 GIO security hardening causing gnome-keyring to regress when session bus is provided by dbus-launch (dbus-x11)
    • !1820 gthread: Destroy value after replacing it in g_private_replace()
    • !1824 Backport !1821 “gdate: Limit length of dates which can be parsed as valid” to glib-2-66
    • !1831 gdatetime.c: Fix MSVC builds for lack of NAN items
    • !1836 Backport !1827 “Windows: fix FD_READ condition flag still set on recoverable UDP socket errors.” to glib-2-66
    • !1864 Backport !1862 “gio: Ignore various environment variables when running as setuid” to glib-2-66
    • !1872 Backport !1868 “gdesktopappinfo: Fix validation of XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP” to glib-2-66
    • !1913 Backport !1902 “spawn: Don't set a search path if we don't want to search PATH” to glib-2-66
    • !1922 Backport !1920 “Resolve GDBus regressions in setcap/setgid programs” to glib-2-66