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meson: Mark 1bit-emufutex test as slow

Simon McVittie requested to merge smcv/glib:1bit-emufutex-slow into master

Emulated futexes are slower than real ones; if they were not, there would be no point in using the real futexes. On some machines they are sufficiently slow to cause test timeouts.

In particular, Debian's i386 autobuilder 'binet' is not particularly fast:

 86/254 glib:glib / 1bit-mutex                  OK      28.29 s 
 87/254 glib:glib / 1bit-emufutex               TIMEOUT 30.02 s 

28.29 seconds is also uncomfortably close to the timeout, and lots of Debian's other architectures are slower than i386 and are hitting timeouts, so I'm going to send a separate MR to increase the arbitrary timeouts globally, when I have a better idea of what a good increase would be.

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