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gi- tools: Remove unused options, improve --debug/--verbose

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/gi-unused-options into main
  • gi-compile-repository: Remove unused --module option

    This hasn't actually done anything since commit 45a04358 "[gircompiler] Clean up parsing" (originally gobject-introspection@8942500c).

  • gi-compile-repository: Remove unused variable

  • girparser: Don't rely on gi-compile-repository exporting debug level

    It seems cleaner to store this in the parser, rather than having the compiler export a global variable that the parser must read.

  • gi-compile-repository: Make file-scoped variables static

    This means the compiler will warn us if they become unused.

  • gi-decompile-repository: Remove unused --shlib option

    This seems to have been a remnant of support for embedding the typelib in the shared library, which was removed from this tool in commit 4bf5ef6b "[girepository] Actually verify header of loaded typelibs in g_irepository_require" (originally gobject-introspection@05ffd857).

    The feature of embedding the typelib in a shared library was itself removed in commit b2df59c3 "compiler: Remove --code argument", originally gobject-introspection@ac81f3e8, with a note that because we rely on being able to load the shared library into g-ir-scanner, anything that links g-ir-scanner output into the shared library would be a circular dependency.

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