GDate: Fix tests on Windows on certain locales

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This attempts to fix GDate and its tests when running on certain locales, specifically locales without daylight saving time and on locales where Windows do not allow "mm/dd/yy" for g_date_set_parse().

So, this updates:

  • win32_strftime_helper() in gdate.c to also return the standard name for the timezone when daylight saving time is not used in the current time zone (GetTimeZoneInformation() returns TIME_ZONE_ID_UNKNOWN1 2), since there should normally be one even for such time zones.

  • Check whether 10/10/76 is accepted by g_date_set_parse() on Windows, since on certain locales this mm/dd/yy format may not be accepted but on others it is accepted. If the system rejects 10/10/76, try again using the "yy/mm/dd" format and continue using that format for the rest of the tests in test_two_digit_years().

This will fix glib/tests/date.c failing when running on Windows in certain locales.

With blessings, thank you!

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