cond test: Don't make assumptions about struct sigaction member order

Simon McVittie requested to merge wip/smcv/mips-sigaction into master

On x86 (and apparently most other Linux architectures), the union with the signal handler is the first member, but on MIPS Linux, the first struct member is sa_flags (possibly done to be compatible with IRIX). Zero out the struct and fill in the field we want by name.

This fixes a compiler warning and a test failure on Debian mips64el since 2.61.x, also seen on mipsel and mips. The function pointer is placed in the sa_flags member, leaving sa_handler set to NULL, which is presumably equivalent to SIG_DFL, and then the SIGHUP kills the test instead of being handled.

This is a regression (bug in a new test) since 2.61.x, so no need to backport.

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