1. 15 Feb, 2016 1 commit
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      Support versions of GTypes · 0d89ba77
      Alexander Larsson authored
      This adds support for registrating multiple versions of the same
      typename by adding "@@" and a version name when you register the type.
      This allows you to include a static library in your module that uses
      gtypes. Normally such types would conflicts if another library also
      statically linked to the library with the same gtype names, but a
      different version. However, since the version names are different
      we avoid this conflict.
      You can also use this in public types if you want to allow using two
      libraries with similarly named types to be used in the same process.
      However, in addition to the gtype versions you then need to solve the
      symbol name conflicts. This can be done for instance by using dlopen
      with RTLD_LOCAL, or by introducing ELF symbol versioning.
      You can query the versions of a type with g_type_[q]version (), and
      you can look up a name by name and version with
      g_type_from_name_and_version(). g_type_from_name() returns the
      unversioned name if one exists (thus putting the burden of using
      from_name_and_version on the person introducing versioned symbols),
      and in the case of conflicting versions the alphabetically largest
      version is used to guarantee stable results.
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