1. 13 May, 2010 1 commit
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      GDBusProxy: Remove error in get_cached_property() and add set_cached_property() · f909cb5b
      David Zeuthen authored
      This makes it possible to use the cached properties mechanism even if
      constructing the proxy with the DO_NOT_LOAD_PROPERTIES flag.
      This is useful for cases where you obtain the and track object
      properties out-of-band. For example, in udisks, the plan is to have
      something like this
       Manager.GetObjects    (out ao paths, out aa{sa{sv}} all_properties);
       Manager.ObjectAdded   (o path, a{sa{sv}} all_properties);
       Manager.ObjectChanged (o path, a{sa{sv}} all_properties);
       Manager.ObjectRemoved (o path, a{sa{sv}} all_properties);
      E.g. the first GetObjects() call will return *all* data about *all*
      exported objects. Further, this way a client will only need to listen
      these three signals (three AddMatch) on the Manager object and it will
      never need to do GetAll() etc (e.g. can use DO_NOT_LOAD_PROPERTIES).
      (Of course this only works if the client is interested in all
      objects... while this is true for udisks it is generally not true for
      other D-Bus services).
      Also use expected_interface to check for programming errors.
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