1. 10 May, 2017 3 commits
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      docs: Add index for 2.54 api · ce7e0219
      Krzesimir Nowak authored
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      gstrfuncs: Add replacement for string-to-number functions · 4fe89b04
      Krzesimir Nowak authored
      Very often when we want to convert a string to number, we assume that
      the string contains only a number. We have g_ascii_strto* family of
      functions to do the conversion but they are awkward to use - one has
      to check if errno is zero, end_ptr is not NULL and *end_ptr points to
      the terminating nul and then do the bounds checking. Many projects
      need this kind of functionality, so it gets reimplemented all the
      This commit adds some replacement functions that convert a string to a
      signed or unsigned number that also follows the usual way of error
      reporting - returning FALSE on failure and filling an error output
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      win32/replace.py: Fix replacing items in files with UTF-8 content · 58ecc57c
      Chun-wei Fan authored
      Some files that this script will process might have UTF-8 items in
      there, which can cause problems on Python 3.x as it is more strict and
      careful on unicode issues.  Fix this by:
      -Doing what we did before on Python 2.x
      -Open the file with encoding='utf-8' on Python 3.x
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      gvariant: Fix some typos in documentation · 75cd848e
      Krzesimir Nowak authored
      Reformatted the docs for G_VARIANT_TYPE_UINT64 to avoid having a
      number in the beginning of the line, because apparently gtk-doc treats
      that as a first element of the numbered list. The number being that
      big probably makes gtk-doc to treat it as 1.
      Fixed the g_variant_new_fixed_array documentation - it was partially
      copy-pasted from the g_variant_get_fixed_array documentation.
      The rest should be quite obvious.