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ChangeLog: added GLib testing utility development history.

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Tue Nov 20 15:59:55 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Renamed gtestframework to gtestutils.
* glib/glib.h:
* glib/ added gtestutils.h to public includes.
* glib/gtestutils.c: include gtestutils.h.
* glib/gtestutils.h:
* glib/glib.symbols:
* glib/tests/testing.c: renamed gtestframework to gtestutils.
* glib/gtestframework.h: renamed to gtestutils.h.
* glib/gtestframework.c: renamed to gtestutils.c.
Tue Nov 20 15:29:34 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
glib/gtestframework.c: g_test_init(): make warnings and criticals fatal for all test programs.
Wed Nov 14 20:35:05 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
gtestframework.c: added test API documentation by Sven Herzberg and Tim Janik.
Wed Nov 14 19:10:28 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
gtestframework.[hc]: implemented g_test_queue_destroy() and g_test_queue_unref().
Fri Nov 9 12:28:52 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Added g_test_bug() and related API.
* gtester.c: handle G_TEST_LOG_MESSAGE and test test message API.
* gtestframework.h, gtestframework.c: added test message API and convenience
API to send test messages about bug URLs.
Fri Nov 9 11:35:11 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Added API to access test framework configuration.
* gtestframework.h, gtestframework.c: export testing configuration to test
programs with g_test_quick(), g_test_perf(), g_test_verbose(), g_test_quiet().
Thu Nov 8 17:55:09 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
gtester: implemented logic to handle failing tests, self tests, and validate XML reports.
* gtester.c: terminate when tests failed. keep XML valid when test cases fail.
restart test binaries when tests fail, resuming after the last processed test.
support --gtester-selftest to run gtester itself as test program.
support --test-arg=<arg> to pass args along to test programs. added
main_selftest() which does a simplistic fixture test. fail if exit
code of test programs is not 0.
* gtestframework.h: added G_TEST_LOG_SKIP_CASE test log message type.
* gtestframework.c: support --GTestSkipCount=<n> to skip a number of tests.
* tests/ added test-report: for demonstration purposes.
added gtester-xmllint-check: and hooked it up into check:, this rule calls
gtester as test program, running it's selftest, and then uses xmllint to
validate the generate XML test log file.
Thu Nov 8 14:51:37 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
gtester: implemented XML logging.
* glib/gtester.c: log test messages to XML output file. beautified normal test
result output.
* glib/gtestframework.c: fixed GTimer leak.
* glib/tests/ start gtester with --verbose.
Thu Nov 8 12:33:31 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
tests/ execute test programs with gtester, add test: to check:
Thu Nov 8 12:18:51 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Fixed PLT symbol exports for gtestframework.h.
* glib/glib.symbols: added all exported gtestframework.h symbols.
* glib/gtestframework.c: include galias.h, galiasdef.c, define __G_TESTFRAMEWORK_C__.
Thu Nov 8 11:31:12 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
glib/gtester.c: fixed debugging flag.
Wed Nov 7 17:56:26 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
fixed bogus unistd.h include.
Wed Nov 7 17:53:30 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Implemented test log IPC.
* gtester.c: read and decode log messages from test binary child processes.
fixed GIOChannel and child watch handling to process all messages and avoid
hangs. pass --verbose and --quiet on to children, default to --quiet.
* gtestframework.h: export g_test_log_type_name().
* gtestframework.c: send test log to --GTestLogFD=<fd> if given, removed
bogus -o-option.
Tue Nov 6 20:07:44 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
gtester.c: support test case listing through gtester.
Tue Nov 6 20:01:06 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
gtestframework.c: fixed testpath matches for automatic root suite.
Tue Nov 6 19:50:33 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
gtester.c: adapted to become a rudimentary test binary launcher.
* gtester.c: increased read buffer size to match common unix pipe buffer size.
added argument parsing and usage. changed io handling to capture and replicate
stdout. fixed io handlers to be cleaned up when the child process exits (catch
G_IO_ERR | G_IO_HUP). we now use pending/iteration instead of a main loop
structure, to keep running until the child process exits and all io has been
processed. launch the test binaries given on the command line. don't quit when
a child couldn't be launched but --keep-going was specified.
Tue Nov 6 17:11:37 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Integrated gtester program into build process.
* build and install gtester binary.
* gtester.c: fixed up coding style and removed hard wired test coded.
Tue Nov 6 16:12:32 2007 +0100 Sven Herzberg
glib/gtester.c:Small -Wall fix
Tue Nov 6 16:05:06 2007 +0100 Sven Herzberg
glib/gtester.c:Implemented nonblocking reading properly now
Mon Nov 5 13:53:23 2007 +0100 Sven Herzberg
glib/gtester.c:Quit the application when the output is parsed completely, not just the process finished
Mon Nov 5 12:00:16 2007 +0100 Sven Herzberg
glib/gtester.c:Read the output of the child process
Mon Nov 5 11:50:59 2007 +0100 Sven Herzberg
glib/gtester.c:Use g_spawn_async_with_pipes()
Mon Nov 5 11:50:08 2007 +0100 Sven Herzberg
glib/gtester.c:Spawn a process async and quit gtester after the child process exited
Mon Nov 5 11:30:45 2007 +0100 Sven Herzberg
glib/gtester.c:Added a first revision of gtester
Tue Nov 6 16:47:06 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Implemented test log serialization.
* glib/gtestframework.h: added g_test_log*() API.
* glib/gtestframework.c: implement test log serialization.
Tue Nov 6 14:24:54 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Implemented test logging basics.
* glib/gtestframework.c: added --debug-log and --verbose, implemented
test information logging.
* testing.c: test g_test_maximized_result() and g_test_minimized_result().
Tue Nov 6 11:52:14 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Implemented g_test_timer*().
* gtestframework.c: implemented g_test_timer*().
* tests/testing.c: added a g_test_timer*() test.
Mon Nov 5 18:28:24 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Implemented support for testpaths.
* gtestframework.c: implemented g_test_add_vtable() and g_test_add_func().
* tests/testing.c: use g_test_add() and g_test_add_func() to majorly simplify main().
Mon Nov 5 15:56:42 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
testing.c: added tests for the g_test_rand*() API.
Mon Nov 5 15:55:38 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Implemented g_test_rand*().
* gtestframework.h: fixed g_assert_cmp*() to evaluate arguments only once.
added g_assert_cmpuint(). completed g_test_rand*() to cover bits, ints,
doubles and ranges.
* gtestframework.c: fixed "--seed" option and implemented g_test_rand*().
Mon Nov 5 15:51:43 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
testing.c: added tests for g_assert_cmphex() and forked test traps.
Mon Nov 5 15:10:18 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Implemented g_test_trap_fork() API.
* gtestframework.h: added g_assert_cmphex(). reworked g_test_trap*() API.
* gtestframework.c: implemented g_test_trap_fork() API.
Thu Nov 1 15:05:07 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
* glib/gtestframework.c:
that match a given test path.
(g_test_run_suite): run suite only if it matches the existing test paths.
* glib/tests/testing.c: minor rename.
Thu Nov 1 13:45:55 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
GTest framework started.
* glib/gtestframework.h: testing framework API as proposed on gtk-devel-list.
includes elaborate assertions, performance report functions, test traps,
test timer, test random numbers, teardoiwn garbage collection functions
and general test case / test suite management APIs.
* glib/gtestframework.c: first test framework implementation. already covers
some test suite management APIs and assertion message implementations.
* glib/tests/testing.c: test program for the testing framework.
* glib/tests/ complie testing.c as test. run all tests as part of
make test:.
Wed Oct 31 15:42:48 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
glib/ build tests/ subdir after building libglib.
Tue Oct 30 16:17:32 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Fixed up internal 'g_test*' names.
* refcount/signals.c:
* refcount/objects.c:
* refcount/objects2.c:
* refcount/closures.c:
* refcount/properties.c:
* refcount/properties2.c: changed namespace prefix from g_test_* to my_test_*
to not clash with newly introduced g_test* API in glib.
Tue Oct 30 14:41:26 2007 +0100 Tim Janik
Added gtestframework.[hc] and glib/tests/.
2007-11-20 Sven Neumann <>
* glib/gerror.c (g_error_add_prefix): use g_strconcat() instead of
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