Commit d19e1a2c authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

Use same variable names in .h and .c

parent 59d62726
......@@ -134,13 +134,13 @@ void g_variant_get_child (GVarian
GVariant * g_variant_get_child_value (GVariant *value,
gsize index_);
gboolean g_variant_lookup (GVariant *value,
gboolean g_variant_lookup (GVariant *dictionary,
const gchar *key,
const gchar *format_string,
GVariant * g_variant_lookup_value (GVariant *value,
GVariant * g_variant_lookup_value (GVariant *dictionary,
const gchar *key,
const GVariantType *type);
const GVariantType *expected_type);
gconstpointer g_variant_get_fixed_array (GVariant *value,
gsize *n_elements,
gsize element_size);
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