Commit ba166c00 authored by Tim Janik's avatar Tim Janik

Implemented support for testpaths.

* gtestframework.c: implemented g_test_add_vtable() and g_test_add_func().

* tests/testing.c: use g_test_add() and g_test_add_func() to majorly simplify main().

svn path=/trunk/; revision=5883
parent b2a4c8ba
...@@ -322,6 +322,56 @@ g_test_create_case (const char *test_name, ...@@ -322,6 +322,56 @@ g_test_create_case (const char *test_name,
return tc; return tc;
} }
g_test_add_vtable (const char *testpath,
gsize data_size,
void (*data_setup) (void),
void (*fixture_test_func) (void),
void (*data_teardown) (void))
gchar **segments;
guint ui;
GTestSuite *suite;
g_return_if_fail (testpath != NULL);
g_return_if_fail (testpath[0] == '/');
g_return_if_fail (fixture_test_func != NULL);
suite = g_test_get_root();
segments = g_strsplit (testpath, "/", -1);
for (ui = 0; segments[ui] != NULL; ui++)
const char *seg = segments[ui];
gboolean islast = segments[ui + 1] == NULL;
if (islast && !seg[0])
g_error ("invalid test case path: %s", testpath);
else if (!seg[0])
continue; // initial or duplicate slash
else if (!islast)
GTestSuite *csuite = g_test_create_suite (seg);
g_test_suite_add_suite (suite, csuite);
suite = csuite;
else /* islast */
GTestCase *tc = g_test_create_case (seg, data_size, data_setup, fixture_test_func, data_teardown);
g_test_suite_add (suite, tc);
g_strfreev (segments);
g_test_add_func (const char *testpath,
void (*test_func) (void))
g_return_if_fail (testpath != NULL);
g_return_if_fail (testpath[0] == '/');
g_return_if_fail (test_func != NULL);
g_test_add_vtable (testpath, 0, NULL, test_func, NULL);
GTestSuite* GTestSuite*
g_test_create_suite (const char *suite_name) g_test_create_suite (const char *suite_name)
{ {
...@@ -152,35 +152,15 @@ int ...@@ -152,35 +152,15 @@ int
main (int argc, main (int argc,
char *argv[]) char *argv[])
{ {
GTestCase *tc;
g_test_init (&argc, &argv, NULL); g_test_init (&argc, &argv, NULL);
GTestSuite *rootsuite = g_test_create_suite ("top");
GTestSuite *miscsuite = g_test_create_suite ("misc");
g_test_suite_add_suite (rootsuite, miscsuite);
GTestSuite *forksuite = g_test_create_suite ("fork");
g_test_suite_add_suite (rootsuite, forksuite);
GTestSuite *randsuite = g_test_create_suite ("rand");
g_test_suite_add_suite (rootsuite, randsuite);
tc = g_test_create_case ("fail assertion", 0, NULL, test_fork_fail, NULL); g_test_add_func ("/random-generator/rand-1", test_rand1);
g_test_suite_add (forksuite, tc); g_test_add_func ("/random-generator/rand-2", test_rand2);
tc = g_test_create_case ("patterns", 0, NULL, test_fork_patterns, NULL); g_test_add_func ("/misc/assertions", test_assertions);
g_test_suite_add (forksuite, tc); g_test_add ("/misc/primetoul", Fixturetest, fixturetest_setup, fixturetest_test, fixturetest_teardown);
tc = g_test_create_case ("timeout", 0, NULL, test_fork_timeout, NULL); g_test_add_func ("/forking/fail assertion", test_fork_fail);
g_test_suite_add (forksuite, tc); g_test_add_func ("/forking/patterns", test_fork_patterns);
g_test_add_func ("/forking/timeout", test_fork_timeout);
tc = g_test_create_case ("rand-1", 0, NULL, test_rand1, NULL); return g_test_run();
g_test_suite_add (randsuite, tc);
tc = g_test_create_case ("rand-2", 0, NULL, test_rand2, NULL);
g_test_suite_add (randsuite, tc);
tc = g_test_create_case ("assertions", 0, NULL, test_assertions, NULL);
g_test_suite_add (miscsuite, tc);
tc = g_test_create_case ("primetoul", sizeof (Fixturetest),
(void(*)(void)) fixturetest_setup,
(void(*)(void)) fixturetest_test,
(void(*)(void)) fixturetest_teardown);
g_test_suite_add (miscsuite, tc);
return g_test_run_suite (rootsuite);
} }
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