Commit adf50912 authored by David Zeuthen's avatar David Zeuthen

GDBus Add TODO items about finding and launching bus instances

parent 7e8b07ae
......@@ -28,6 +28,34 @@
* - Need to rewrite GDBusAuth and rework GDBusAuthMechanism. In particular
* the mechanism VFuncs need to be able to set an error.
* - Need to document usage of DBUS_SYSTEM_ADDRESS and
* DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment variables. Also need to
* document other mechanisms/sources for determining the D-Bus
* address of a well-known bus.
* - e.g. on Win32 we need code like from here
* that was never copied over here because it originally was copy-paste
* from the GPLv2 / AFL 2.1 libdbus sources.
* - on OS X we need to look in launchd for the address
* - on X11 we need to look in a X11 property on the X server
* - (we can also just use dbus-launch(1) from the D-Bus
* distribution)
* - (ideally) this requires D-Bus spec work because none of
* this has never really been specced out properly (excect
* the X11 bits)
* - Related to the above, we also need to be able to launch a message bus
* instance.... Since we don't want to write our own bus daemon we should
* launch dbus-daemon(1) (thus: Win32 and OS X need to bundle it)
* - probably want a G_DBUS_NONCE_TCP_TMPDIR environment variable
* to specify where the nonce is stored. This will allow people to use
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