Commit 98bfc8af authored by Aleksander Morgado's avatar Aleksander Morgado Committed by Matthias Clasen

Fixes GB#635187: Always unbox GVariant parameter received via dbus for an action

parent fcd3e342
......@@ -354,17 +354,21 @@ g_application_impl_actions_method_call (GDBusConnection *connection,
GVariant *platform_data;
GVariantIter *param;
GVariant *parameter;
GVariant *unboxed_parameter;
g_variant_get (parameters, "(&sav@a{sv})",
&action_name, &param, &platform_data);
parameter = g_variant_iter_next_value (param);
unboxed_parameter = parameter ? g_variant_get_variant (parameter) : NULL;
g_variant_iter_free (param);
class->before_emit (impl->app, platform_data);
g_action_group_activate_action (action_group, action_name, parameter);
g_action_group_activate_action (action_group, action_name, unboxed_parameter);
class->after_emit (impl->app, platform_data);
g_variant_unref (platform_data);
if (unboxed_parameter)
g_variant_unref (unboxed_parameter);
if (parameter)
g_variant_unref (parameter);
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