Commit 9717833e authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes

Don't crash gsettings-schema-convert for GConf schemas that contain empty elements

This can be observed in gnome-power-manager with one of the entries that
contains <long></long>
parent f82839b8
......@@ -792,8 +792,10 @@ class GConfSchema:
self.short = self._get_value_with_locale(node, locale_node, 'short')
self.long = self._get_value_with_locale(node, locale_node, 'long')
self.short = self._oneline(self.short)
self.long = self._oneline(self.long)
if self.short:
self.short = self._oneline(self.short)
if self.long:
self.long = self._oneline(self.long)
# Fix the default to be parsable by GVariant
if self.type == 'string':
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