Commit 8fdc6701 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall
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gsocket: Clarify flags documentation for g_socket_receive_message()

The API design here is a bit awkward — the in/out flags argument should
actually have been an in flags argument and an out msg_flags argument.
Clarify that a bit in the documentation.
parent 4745c082
......@@ -4399,6 +4399,8 @@ cache_recv_address (GSocket *socket, struct sockaddr *native, int native_len)
* values there are the same as the system values, and the flags
* are passed in as-is, so you can pass in system-specific flags too
* (and g_socket_receive_message() may pass system-specific flags out).
* Flags passed in to the parameter affect the receive operation; flags returned
* out of it are relevant to the specific returned message.
* As with g_socket_receive(), data may be discarded if @socket is
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