Commit 8f8fc836 authored by Kalev Lember's avatar Kalev Lember

configure: Fix alignment tests when cross compiling

When inserting custom code to AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF, make sure to not replace
the default includes, but instead append to them.

This fixes ALIGNOF_GUINT32 and ALIGNOF_GUINT64 that were both 0 when cross
compiling. The third 'unsigned long' test wasn't affected because the
AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF call didn't specify the optional 2nd parameter.
parent 92b84e88
......@@ -3405,8 +3405,10 @@ $ac_cv_sizeof___int64)
AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF([guint32], [typedef unsigned $gint32 guint32;])
AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF([guint64], typedef unsigned $gint64 guint64;)
typedef unsigned $gint32 guint32;])
typedef unsigned $gint64 guint64;])
AC_CHECK_ALIGNOF([unsigned long])
# Check for libdbus1 - Optional - is only used in the GDBus test cases
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