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Overview of Changes from GLib 2.25.0 to GLib 2.25.2
* Include a new utility 'gsettings', for commandline
access to GSettings
* Include a 'gsettings' utility, for commandline access to GSettings
* Install a AM_GSETTINGS autoconf macro similar to AM_GCONF
* GSettings can bind the writability of a key explicitly
* There is now a predefined boxed type for GError
* Bugs fixed:
615379 g_new macros crash if sizeof(struct_type) == 0
616312 Add m4 rule equivalent to GCONF_SCHEMAS_INSTALL
616295 mapping bug for uint64
616216 glib compile from remote directory fails
615960 Fix size passed to connect() for abstract sockets
616432 Crash in gschema-compile
616331 gsettings-schema-convert uses imaginary types
616309 gsettings-schema-convert should output gettext-domain
616384 Add mention of GConfBridge in conversion docs
616311 gschema-compile outputs in current directory
616276 simplify gschema-compile test setup
616156 keys with unnecessary empty options arrays
616405 gsettings missing g_return_if_fail's
616245 Use G_DEFINE_INTERFACE macro
614541 Add G_TYPE_ERROR boxed type for GError
* Updated translations:
Catalan (Valencian)
Overview of Changes from GLib 2.24.0 to GLib 2.25.0
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