Commit 8ad668c7 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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2009-02-22 Matthias Clasen <>
Bug 572464 – Doc for g_file_get_contents
* glib/gfileutils.c (g_file_get_contents): Improve docs. Pointed
out by Øystein Johansen.
2009-02-22 Matthias Clasen <>
Bug 572672 – glib/gthread.c: argument is different type
......@@ -798,7 +798,8 @@ get_contents_win32 (const gchar *filename,
* g_file_get_contents:
* @filename: name of a file to read contents from, in the GLib file name encoding
* @contents: location to store an allocated string
* @contents: location to store an allocated string, use g_free() to free
* the returned string
* @length: location to store length in bytes of the contents, or %NULL
* @error: return location for a #GError, or %NULL
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