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Commit 83c1b881 authored by Ondrej Holy's avatar Ondrej Holy

gunixmounts: Prevent unwanted automount requests

mnt_table_is_fs_mounted causes unwanted automount requests due to
canonicalization of source and target. It might be replaced by
mnt_table_find_source as per the documentation in order to prevent
the automounts, but it is redundant. All mtab entries should be already
mounted and thus mnt_table_is_fs_mounted result is always true (it
basically checks that the fs from mtab is in mtab). Let's remove
the check at all.
parent 53ed1804
......@@ -408,9 +408,6 @@ _g_get_unix_mounts (void)
unsigned long mount_flags = 0;
gboolean is_read_only = FALSE;
if (!mnt_table_is_fs_mounted (table, fs))
device_path = mnt_fs_get_source (fs);
if (g_strcmp0 (device_path, "/dev/root") == 0)
device_path = _resolve_dev_root ();
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