Commit 63b329fb authored by Sergio Gelato's avatar Sergio Gelato Committed by Philip Withnall

glocalfileinfo: Correct an off-by-one error when unescaping hex

Correct an off-by-one error in hex_unescape_string()'s computation of
the output string length.

(Turned into a git-format patch by Philip Withnall. Original patch
submitted on the Debian bug tracker, bug#962912.)
parent 8049535f
......@@ -394,10 +394,10 @@ hex_unescape_string (const char *str,
*p++ = str[i];
*p++ = 0;
if (out_len)
*out_len = p - unescaped_str;
*p++ = 0;
*free_return = TRUE;
return unescaped_str;
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