Commit 55ebcf05 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵
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Merge branch 'backport-1827-win32-fd-read-glib-2-66' into 'glib-2-66'

Backport !1827 “Windows: fix FD_READ condition flag still set on recoverable UDP socket errors.” to glib-2-66

See merge request !1836
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......@@ -5475,10 +5475,10 @@ g_socket_receive_message_with_timeout (GSocket *socket,
if (errsv == WSAEINTR)
win32_unset_event_mask (socket, FD_READ);
if (errsv == WSAEWOULDBLOCK)
win32_unset_event_mask (socket, FD_READ);
if (timeout_us != 0)
if (!block_on_timeout (socket, G_IO_IN, timeout_us,
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