Commit 43b13d7a authored by Marco Mastropaolo's avatar Marco Mastropaolo Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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Windows: fix FD_READ condition flag still set on recoverable UDP socket errors.

Contrary to what the WSARecvFrom seem to imply, a UDP socket is perfectly recoverable and usable after a WSAECONNRESET error (and, I assume, WSAENETRESET).
However GSocket condition has the FD_READ bit set after a UDP socket fails with WSAECONNRESET, even if no data is available on the socket anymore; this causes select calls to report the socket as readable when, in fact, it's not.

The change resets FD_READ flag on a socket upon the above error conditions; there's no 'if' to filter between datagram and stream sockets as the change should be harmless in the case of stream sockets which are, however, very unlikely to be usable after a WSAECONNRESET.
parent d48e22e4
......@@ -5475,10 +5475,10 @@ g_socket_receive_message_with_timeout (GSocket *socket,
if (errsv == WSAEINTR)
win32_unset_event_mask (socket, FD_READ);
if (errsv == WSAEWOULDBLOCK)
win32_unset_event_mask (socket, FD_READ);
if (timeout_us != 0)
if (!block_on_timeout (socket, G_IO_IN, timeout_us,
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